Fertility Drugs that Help Improve a Thin Uterine Lining
November 12, 2017 By Dyann Joyce

Infertility medications treat a wide range of conditions that keep couples from having a baby. One of those factors may very well be that the lining of the uterus has grown thin. When the uterine lining grows too thin an embryo has a difficult time implanting. In many cases, the embryo will fail to attach, or the embryo may attach but not stay attached for long. A wide range of fertility medications have been developed over the span of many years, and improvements/discoveries continue to assist women and couples who suffer from this complication.

The Uterus, Fertility Medications, and Why the Lining Thins
Fertility medications affect the lining of the uterus in a fairly natural way, providing additional hormones that will stimulate the thickening of the uterine walls. There are two types of tissue in a woman’s uterus: the basalis layer and the functional layer. This functional layer is the tissue that undergoes the changes throughout the month. It is lined with a large number of glands which are influenced heavily by the levels of estrogen and progesterone. When the hormone levels rise, the lining thickens. The fertility drugs that are given to assist with this are, essentially, additional estrogen assistance to increase the thickness of the walls. It is important for the walls to be thick and cushiony so that the embryo can adequately adhere, plug into the nourishment, and grow. Most experts agree that at least 9mm is require to ensure pregnancy.

Infertility Drugs Help Couples Who Would Like to Start A Family
Two popular fertility drugs that are commonly prescribed to assist with developing better uterine health are Crinone, Lovenox, Estrace, and Endometrin, to name a few. These medications are often used as IVF drugs to ensure that the embryo transfer is successful after the procedure is completed. Most women take these drugs in combination with others (a type of fertility drug cocktail) in order to bring back a more natural environment for the embryo.

Finding Discount Fertility Meds for Improving Uterine Lining
Fertility drugs for women online are often advertised as many different things. The one thing they will all have in common, aside from the fact that they are online fertility drugs, is that they will all have some type of estrogen or progesterone in them. Of course, selecting a fertility medication pharmacy can be dicey if one doesn’t already know what to look for and the questions to ask. When looking for fertility meds for sale, it is important to try and avoid those who do not have a certificate of approval by the Ministry of Health. Look for those who have been involved in the online fertility drugs business for many years, or is a pharmacy specializing in fertility drugs only. Discount fertility pharmacies, good ones, do exist, and with a little time and effort it can save hundreds of dollars on fertility treatment.

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