Are Your Fertility Medications FDA Approved?
December 3, 2017 By Dyann Joyce

Buy your IVF drugs online for pennies! Fertility meds for sale without a prescription! Use this website for resale infertility drugs! Have you ever read ads like these? Chance are, you have. But what you don’t know is that aside from the fact that many of them are scams, most of them are offering discount fertility meds that are not FDA approved. Should that matter to you? Yes. 

What are FDA Approved IVF Drugs

Online fertility drug sales are big business, but the Internet is like the Wild West if you don’t understand how quality control works, and why it should matter to you. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is a governmental department in the US that is responsible for protecting public health by ensuring that the drugs that are released into the public meet certain standards. Infertility medications are only one of many thousands of categories and products that the FDA is responsible for policing. Without the backing of the FDA, the drug could come from anywhere, with any sort of formulations. Often the testing or research behind the drug has not be regulated or peer reviewed. In short, if the FDA has not approved the drug in the US, then it is for a very good reason, and those who seek out fertility drugs for women online would do well to adopt the ‘buyer beware’ motto. 

Scams for Fertility Medications Online

When couples try to buy fertility pills online, quite often they are already in an emotional state due to the ongoing trouble with conception. This does not always equate to making the most sound choices. Consumers purchase online fertility medications in several ways: licensed fertility medication pharmacies, offshore discount fertility pharmacies, or online message boards. What is most astounding is that typically cautious people who would never think about buying something serious from a Craigslist posting, will not think twice about buying fertility pills online from a message board. Experts are worried about this growing trend for good reason.

When couples purchase from a legitimate pharmacy specializing in fertility drugs, and carrying FDA approved fertility medications, then it is a match made in heaven, so to speak. But too often, couples who are also looking at the bottom line, who are facing thousands of dollars in costs, will opt for a purchase from an offshore seller. 

Reputable Companies for Fertility Drugs Online Will Always Have the Following:

-> Trained medical personnel working with the company
-> Clinical shipping conditions and storage
-> Quick responses to questions
-> Only use brand name drugs (no generics)
-> Do not utilize medications from India or China (regulation there is faulty)

Purchasing fertility drugs online can be done sanely, cheaply, and most importantly, safely if you just do some homework first. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy list all Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site

If you’re going to purchase fertility drugs online, be absolutely sure they are from a legitimate pharmacy. Check the pharmacy’s credentials and how long they’ve been in business. Many of the legitimate businesses display their certifications as well as their endorsements by the Ministry of Health. In the end, while the FDA is there to protect consumers from bad products, in the end the consumer has to be their own best advocate. is a fully licensed online fertility drug pharmacy with fertility drugs approved by the FDA, often at a 50% discount from retail.