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Fertility Supplements can’t replace Fertility Treatments: Proceed with caution
August 7, 2017 By Dyann Joyce

Last month was the National awareness of “Herbal supplement and Prescription Drug Interactions” which makes one ponder, can fertility supplements interfere with fertility medications? In some cases the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Natural supplement use

Using natural fertility supplements seems to be on trend these days and it can carry some dire and heart wrenching consequences. People may decide to try over the counter “natural” fertility enhancement supplements for a few reasons. One is that they think the supplements being “natural” are better for them than prescription medications. Another reason is they may think that they will enhance any prescription fertility medications or that they can pick up several supplements over the counter for very little money. Well remember the old saying; you get what you pay for.

Supplements are not proven to work

Consider this, just because the supplements are natural doesn’t mean they are better, and just because they are inexpensive doesn’t mean you are really saving money. Especially if the money you spend is being wasted on ineffective supplements.

Some of the main concerns with nonregulated supplements is that with no standardization, the dosages and effectiveness can range greatly from brand to brand. Another concern is that there is usually a high level of pesticide exposure when it comes to “all natural” or “holistic” as it can be used straight from the farms without being properly tested from the sources.

Supplements may interfere with fertility medications

Well, here is something that you may not be considering, taking over the counter supplements can lessen or negate the effects of prescription fertility medications. Some may also have unwanted side effects. If your fertility medicines were seemingly ineffective or decreased in their effectiveness, or didn’t seem to have any effect it can be a result of inferior supplements. Which can be at great cost and expenditure, not only monetary value, but in hopes and dreams.

Report use to your IVF doctor

Studies show we do not know the exact ways the brain experiences and is affected by hormones, so there is no way to know the dosage that can counteract their effects. If you mix the two, and have had failed IVF fertility cycles or treatments, you do not want this to be the cause.

Since there have been no studies pertaining specifically to the effectiveness of supplement use with or without use of prescription fertility medications, any results in their use can only be speculated. So the safe thing is to avoid supplement use during any IVF fertility treatments or beginning IVF methods like injections to make sure the prescribed medications are able to do what they are supposed to and are proven to do uninterrupted by unproven supplements.

The Journal of American Medical Association claim that up to 40% of patients do not report fertility supplement use to their doctors, and as any use of nonregulated supplements can interfere with an IVF method of treatment, it is crucial to report it to your attending physician to have a successful IVF.

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