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IVF Prescriptions is the leader in discount infertility drugs with pharmacies in the UK, Germany, and Israel. Did you know that IVF meds are manufactured in Europe? They are. Manufacturing facilities are located in the Netherlands, Ireland, and Germany. Our infertility drugs are made in those countries and nowhere else. We are dedicated to providing you with the best in customer service and the lowest price for your online fertility meds. We are the proven, most reliable online IVF pharmacy, saving you money for your IVF meds. For many years, pharmacists and physicians have considered IVFPrescriptions to be the best IVF pharmacy, not only because of our low cost and excellent pricing, but our outstanding service. Our customer service, unlike all other IVF meds pharmacies, answers your call live, 7 days a weeks from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST.


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  •  Low prices on brand name fertility medications, exactly as your doctor has prescribed.
  • FDA approved fertility drugs, ONLY. No generics.
  • Encrypted, safe, secure transactions.
  • Outstanding customer service, pharmacists with many years' experience.
  • Trusted and known suppliers of infertility meds to US based IVF clinics and hospitals for decades.

IVF Prescription….Our Promise to You

We promise to be there when you need us. You don’t have to leave a message with the answering service for IVFPrescriptions. You will speak with a real person and you can call back and speak to that same person, as they are assigned to you and your prescription for infertility medications. Each and every IVFprescription customer is taken care of by the same person from start to finish. Because, when you need your infertility medications, you cannot wait for the next business day for an answer. Your call is answered immediately, your email and fax are answered within minutes. We want you to be completely comfortable with your purchase of your IVF drugs.

These listed medications are the most commonly prescribed fertility drugs and IVF medications, and are by far the best pricing available in the US. If you do not see the drug that you need, contact us and we will respond quickly with an answer about your online fertility meds. We strive to be the best IVF pharmacy online, and to go above and beyond with our customer service.


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We are the only online IVF pharmacy using physicians to verify prescriptions, so that patients know who is dispensing their IVF prescriptions. The most respected physicians and clinics in the United States and Canada rely on us for their infertility drugs. We don’t offer generics, Chinese,or Indian medications. We are proud to be the best IVF pharmacy with the most affordable IVF medications on the market, today. We offer ONLY the brands prescribed by your doctor.



Our website can be fully translated using Google translate. If assistance in a foreign language is required, please call our operator who will direct you to the appropriate party.



If you possess a prescription that allows for several months’ supply, then we would be happy to fill the order. If you do not want the full quantity that is shown on the prescription, contact your personal care representative who will be happy to process your request. Our pharmacist or personal care representative may call to confirm with you if the amount requested is less than the average order.



Your IVF drugs will arrive within 7 business days of payment. We ensure an on-time delivery by shipping to the US every day, including Saturdays, via a trusted delivery service.


You also never have to worry about our online fertility drugs. IVFPrescriptions works with many pharmacies around the world, ensuring that the fertility meds you need are always in supply. We pack each shipment tightly using cold Styrofoam packs to protect your medications from temperature damage. As a leading online pharmacy shipping important medications around the world, we work hard to guarantee your medications arrive safely and undamaged.


Significant differences, if any, are listed on the relevant drug page as you create your order. With over 10 years’ worth of experience as a specialist pharmacy dedicated to great service and outstanding value, you can be confident that you are in safe hands when purchasing your fertility medications from IVFPrescriptions.