do not buy “leftover ivf meds” glad I found IvfPrescriptions!
October 20, 2017 By Zarden Lee

I had the worst experience in trying to save a buck,as our insurance didn’t cover very much in the way of prescriptions and Im using a fake name publicly as Im embarrassed what almost happened due to money. In this journey I signed up for the message boards and many facebook sites of course, I wanted to read everything I could. Wellll, last month all these ads starting popping up with people offering to sell their “leftover” meds after they got pregnant and didnt need them. sounds reasonable right? Well, with meds costing what they do I made a bad choice and the lady said she had a script and she had a baby- so I was stupid and was tempted as I would save hundreds of dollars.

I saw them talking about it on the forums and many reported doing it. I am writing as do not do this.

Besides illegal, it can set you years back on your journey or ruin it altogether if you get an infection. god know what drugs you may be putting in your body, in a body trying to conceive what if I had harmed the baby? Please take it from someone that was desperate, its not worth it. thank god I found this site as Ivfprescriptions has my ivf meds at about 1/2 cost of the Walgreens and Walmart I was using for fertility medications.

Now that they are under scrutiny I have seen many reports of the “leftover drugs” or “garage sale” meds as fakes and just switched out drugs as labels and shrink wrap machines are easy to buy- but when I saw leftover meds for sale I didnt see any warnings. so I am leaving one- it may just save your life or a lot of legal fees!

TTC since 2015
missed miscarriage 2016- 1 failed clomid cycles-
moving on to IVF oct 2017
transfered 2 blasts on 6/17
lots of +hpt!!
beta #1 on 7.15= 50.4
beta #2 on 7/15= 90.8
miscarriage 8/18
moving on to Round 2 of IVF with an auto immune dx
ER -retrieved 10 eggs
ET 3 transfered
Beta #1- 356
Beta #2- 870
~~~~~~~~~~Wish us luck!!